R950 p.p. for 2+ persons;  R1400 for single person. Guided tours at 10:30 & 14:00 (Mon-Fri)  10:30 & 12:00 (Sat- Sun). No children under 10.  In 1905, only 9 metres from the surface, the world's biggest diamond, "The Cullinan Diamond", 3106 ct was found.  It was given to King Edward the VII from England on his 66th birthday. Thomas Cullunin, owner of the Premier Mine at the turn of the century, was a South African explorer. The Cullinan Diamond Mine Surface Tour includes the big hole, shaft end, diamond room where a selection of uncut diamons and replicas of famous diamonds are. Tour ends with a visit to the onsite jewellery shop where visitors can buy diamonds.

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